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Types Of Home Insurance

Choosing Home Insurance Coverage

The homeowners’ insurance coverage and policies you choose will depend on the type of protection you want. You can always call our company any time of the day be it weekdays or during weekends, we will serve you. Find an agent to discuss your options and understand what your insurance can cover. Our customer care service unit will give the best advice and teachings you may need to get the best coverage.

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Taking the time to understand what types of homeowner’s insurance coverage are included in your policy can help you understand what it protects. Our insurance policies include standard coverage, like:

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage can help protect the belongings inside your home, which can include belongings like furniture, bicycles, stereos and more. If these belongings are stolen or damaged outside of your home, personal property coverage could also help you replace them.

Liability Protection Coverage

Liability insurance can help protect you if someone makes a claim against you or sues you for damages after being injured on your property.

Other Structures

This type of insurance can help protect the physical structure of buildings on your property that are separate from your home, such as a shed or a stand-alone garage.

Medical Expense

Covers medical expenses Coverage is limited to an amount per person and per accident for injuries occurring on your premises to persons other than an insured, or elsewhere, if caused by you, a member of your family, or your pets. An important feature of this coverage is that payment is made regardless of legal liability.

Additional Living Expense

Covers additional living expenses when incurred. This means that the policy covers the necessary living expenses up to the stated limit, incurred by the insured to continue, as nearly as possible, the normal standard of living when the house cannot be occupied due to a covered loss.

Home Structure Coverage

This type of insurance is what can help protect the physical structure of your home, like the walls and the roof.

More Coverage Offers More Protection

Our clients should get to understand that the more they cover their properties, home, family and relatives the more they are protected.

You can choose from many different optional coverage types that can help protect your home, your belongings and your family any other home insurance coverage types. An example of an optional coverage you could choose is identity restoration coverage, which can offer added protection in the event your identity is stolen.

You can add optional coverage to your homeowner’s policy; buy purchasing separate insurance policies that offer more protection. Flood protection is not included in most home insurance policies, so to get it, you will likely need to purchase flood insurance. You can also get liability protection beyond your current home and auto policy limits with personal umbrella insurance.

Comparing Insurance Rates

Our website enables you to compare various insurance brands on one search. You are also able to know the price of the policy and levels of insurance covers provided. You only have to get a quote and see what coverage’s are recommended for you. Contact us today for more information.


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